Candidates for the 11th CD Convention

The filing deadline to be a Candidate for National Delegate or Presidential Elector has passed.

The 11th CD Convention will elect seven (7) National Delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The candidates for these positions are:

Hillary Clinton
Two (2) female delegates:

  • Hala Ayala
  • Bettie Baca
  • Helene Bloom
  • Vinh Cam
  • Elaine Conner
  • Doris Evens
  • Rosalind Francina Greene
  • Kathy Hackshaw
  • Elizabeth Hotchkiss Shortt
  • Barbara Levine
  • Andrea McLaughlin
  • Radhika Murari
  • Sandra Park
  • Maria D. “Lola” Quintela
  • Rachel Rifkind
  • Nelly Samaniego
  • Michelle Strucke
  • Ramunda Lark Young

Two (2) male delegates:

  • Zaki Barzinji
  • Roderick D. Hall
  • Morgan W. Jameson
  • Bruce Laughon
  • Sam Leiber
  • Phillip A. Niedzielski-Eichner
  • Daniel M Press
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Gerald B “Jerry” Schneider
  • Raymond K. Smith
  • Marvin Wagner
Bernie Sanders
Two (2) female delegates:

  • Larilyn Andre
  • Kathy Angel
  • Margaret D. Connelly
  • Robin Denegal
  • Laurie Dodd
  • Laura Geiger
  • Doris Mueller Goldstein
  • Sandra J. Klassen
  • Sally Lau
  • Insaaf Mohamed
  • Pritidhara (Jini) Mohanty
  • Abrar Omeish
  • Eileen Spinella
  • Heather Walrath

One (1) male delegate:

  • Sakethnath Are
  • George Becerra
  • Howard Carlin
  • Dino M. Devic
  • Michael Futrell
  • Michael Kramer
  • Maher Massis
  • John Ostensoe
  • Sterling Pilette
  • Zachary Russell
  • Rocky A. Shifflett
  • Jonathan Sokolow
  • Stephen L. Spitz
  • David Y. Stephenson
  • Steven Watson

Slates for National Delegate positions are listed below.
The 11th CD Convention will elect one (1) Elector to the Electoral College to represent the Congressional District in the 2016 General Election. The candidates who have filed for Presidential Elector are:

  • Anthony Decarise Hines, I
  • Suchada (Sue) Langley
  • Bruce Laughon
  • Sam Leiber
  • Daniel M. Press
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Keith A. Scarborough
  • John Wertman


Slates for National Delegate

The following slates have filed with the 11th CD Chair prior to the April 29th deadline. No slate is an official slate, nor will any slate receive preferential treatment. There is no requirement to vote for a slate, and delegates will be permitted to vote for any individual delegate candidates of his or her choice.

Hillary Clinton:
Name: HillSquad
Filed by:  Morgan W. Jameson

  • Morgan W. Jameson
  • Gerald B. Schneider
  • Maria D. “Lola” Quintela
  • Rachel Rifkind
Bernie Sanders
Name: Diversity Berners!
Filed by:  Howard Carlin

  • Howard Carlin
  • Sally Lau
  • Pritidhara (Jini) Mohanty

Name: Bernie’s Revolution Slate
Filed by:  Sandra J. Klassen

  • Stephen Spitz
  • Sandra J. Klassen
  • Laurie Dodd