Successful 11th CD Convention

Thank you all for your participation in the 11th CD Convention, on Saturday May 14 at 10 am at Luther Jackson Middle School, 3020 Gallows Road, Falls Church (Merrifield).  We heard from several of our elected officials, most notably our incumbent Congressman and 2016 nominee for reelection Gerry Connolly.  Also with us were Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, and other elected officials.
The 11th CD had 7 slots for the National Convention in Philadelphia to elect, as follows:

  • 4 woman delegates, 3 male delegates.
  • 3 persons each to the state convention Rules and Credentials Committees.
  • 1 presidential Elector from the 11th CD.
  • Consideration of resolutions.

Here are the results:
National Delegates:

Morgan Jameson
Lola Quintela
Rachel Rifkind
Rod Hall
Laurie Dodd
Sandra Klassen
Michael Futrell


Keith Scarborough


Sue Langley
Lola Quintela
Rachel Rifkind


Janet Carver
Keith Scarborough
Christopher Schaffer

Ten resolutions were affirmed.
The state convention will take place on Saturday, June 18.  The Convention will be held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in downtown Richmond. During the Convention, additional National Delegates, Electors, new DNC members will be selected.  Additional activities will take place on the evening of Friday, June 17 and during the day of Saturday, June 18.  The DPVA Jefferson Jackson Dinner will be evening of June 18, 7:00pm.  More to come on this great weekend!
Further info on the state convention can be found at the DPVA website:
Thank you to the Co-chairs of our convention committees which enabled our success:

Credentials: Sue Langley and Rachel Rifkind
Resolutions: Sandra Klassen and John Jennison
Rules: Janet Carver and Keith Scarborough