About the 11th CD Democratic Committee

The 11th District Democratic Committee is one of 11 Congressional District (CD) committees in the Commonwealth of Virginia that make up the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA). The members of the 11th District Committee include members from the two jurisdictions located within the 11th Congressional District:

  • Fairfax County,
  • and Fairfax City.

The Committee is governed by the DPVA Party Plan and its own 11th Congressional District Democratic Committee Bylaws.


The primary purpose of the District Committee is to elect and support the Democratic Nominee to Congress for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District. The DPVA Party Plan states that it shall be the duty of each district committee to perfect the Democratic organization within its district, and see to the proper discharge of their duties by county and city committees or other constituent committees within the congressional district.

District Boundary

On Dec. 28, 2021, the Virginia Supreme Court set new Congressional Districts for Virginia. Below is the map of the new Virginia 11th Congressional District.