2024 District and State Conventions

11th Congressional District Convention

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Luther Jackson Middle School Cafeteria
3020 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Registration opens at 9:00 am
Call to order at 10:00 am

State Convention

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Greater Richmond Convention Center
Grand Ballroom
403 North Third Street, Richmond, VA 23219

Congratulations to the winners of our Convention Elections!

National Delegate:

  • Matthew Bell
  • Joanne Collins
  • Robert Haley
  • Shyamali Hauth
  • Matthew Royer
  • Andrew Scalise
  • Manisha Singh
  • Heidi Zollo

Alternate: Tina Barchik

Elector: Chris Ambrose

What are we doing?

For the purposes of this year’s Presidential election:

At the District Convention, we will elect:

  1. Eight delegates (evenly divided by gender) and one female alternate to the Democratic National Convention, and
  2. One presidential elector, to represent our Congressional District to the Electoral College.

List of Candidates for the May 11, 2024 11th CD Convention

National Convention Delegates (4 Female and 4 Male candidates to be elected)
Christine Barchik
Mary Barthelson
Karen Campblin
Kristina Cecere
Joanne Collins
Shyamali Hauth
Le Huynh
Dang Huynh
Linda Huynh
Sandra J. Klassen
Maya Castillo Morrison
Mary Paulet
Manisha Singh
Denver Supinger
Sharon Wood
Heidi Zollo
Matt Bell
Jay Bhandari
Christopher Dang
Thomas Greeson
Robert Haley
Jacob Harrer
Morgan Jameson
Alexander Rodriguez
Alex Rough
Matthew Royer
Andrew Scalise
Irvin Varkonyi
James Vollmer

National Convention Alternate (1 to be elected)

Christine Barchik
Sandra J. Klassen
Virginia Reed

Elector (1 to be elected)

Christopher Ambrose
Jaisingh Bhandari
James Holmes
Alexander Rodriguez
David Silversmith
Catherine Spears

At the State Convention, we will elect:

  1. 21 delegates and two alternates to the Democratic National Convention,
  2. 13 Pledged Party Leaders and Elected Official (“PLEO”) Delegates,
  3. Two at-large presidential electors, and
  4. Five members to the Democratic National Committee.

How do I vote?

To vote in these Conventions, you must be a “State Delegate”. Delegates are elected once and are representatives to both the District and State Conventions. If you are not sure if you can attend the conventions, you may register as an “Alternate”. Alternates fill in any vacancies in the delegation.

To be a delegate or alternate:

  1. You must complete an application before be 5:00 p.m., Saturday, April 13, 2024,
  2. (Optionally) Pay the $25 administrative filing fee to help cover the cost of the conventions.

Fairfax County is allocated 202 delegates and 50 alternates; the City of Fairfax is allocated 6 delegates and 2 alternates.

The deadline to apply to be a voting delegate has passed. The pre-filing form for those interested in filling a vacancy has been closed.

How do I run to be a National Delegate or Elector?

At both the District Convention and State Convention, we will be electing National Delegates to attend the 2024 National Convention from August 19-22 in Chicago. Delegates participate in the formal nomination process for President and adoption of the party platform. We will also elect Electors to cast Virginia’s votes to the Electoral College on December 17 in Richmond.

To be a candidate:

  • At the 11th CD District Convention, you must apply by 5 pm on Friday, April 26, 2024
  • At the State Convention, you must apply by 5 pm on Thursday, May 30, 2024.

The buttons to file below are only for the State Convention. The deadline for the 11th CD District Convention candidates has passed.