Results of the 2022 11th CD Convention

With over 800 votes cast, the results are below. Congratulations to everyone who won, and thank you to everyone who ran and voted in this process!

Fairfax County
Sandra J. Klassen – F
Bryan Graham – M
Manisha Singh – F
Holly Seibold – F
Jay (Jaisingh) Bhandari – M
Jessica Brown – F
Christine Barchik – F
Christopher Ambrose – M
Robert Haley – M
Carla Bustillos – F
Jerrold Foltz – M
Heidi Zollo – F
Shyamali Hauth – F
Paul Davis – M
Karen Campblin – F
Aaron Yohai – M
Roxana Mejia – F
Daniel Press – M
Todd Cranford – M

Fairfax City
James Gillespie – M

The Resolutions Package was passed, and will move to the Resolutions Committee of the State Central Committee.