Notice: Appeal Hearing May 29,2024

Under Appellant Filing Article 11 §11.1, two Appellants (included in this email), Lisa C. Merkel and Gregory Brandon, jointly filed an Appeal entitled “11th Congressional Democratic Committee (11th CDDC) in the matter of actions taken by the Chair of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee during the March 26 FCDC General Meeting at Luther Jackson Middle School”. The Appeal was sent by email dated April 2, 2024 to the 11th CD Chair, Manisha Singh. The Chair provided the Appeal to the Appellant Subcommittee.

Under Notice §11.2, the 11th CD Chair provided Notice and copies of the Appeal to the FCDC Chair on April 2, 2024.

Under Hearings §11.3, by email dated April 9, 2024 the chair of FCDC (included in this email) was given ten (10) days written notice to answer the Appeal petition. The FCDC Chair, Appellee, timely  answered the petition on April 19, 2024.

Under Article 8 Section 8.5 Appeals, the 11th District Congressional District (CD) Chair conferred with the Chairs of the 8th and 10th CDs. The Chairs designated that only the 11th CD would hear the appeal. 

Under §8.5 an Appellant Subcommittee to hear the appeal was appointed.

Under §11.3, on May 19, 2024, the 11th CD Chair is giving at least ten (10) days written notice on said hearing to be held on May 29, 2024, 10:30 am. 

At the hearing the Appellant Subcommittee shall determine the validity of the appeal, either upon the petition and answer, or after taking of evidence as in its discretion it may seem fit. Appellants and other interested parties may be represented by counsel in the appellant process. The Hearing will be conducted by teleconference via Zoom with links provided to the parties.

Please see below the rules set by the Appellant Subcommittee for the hearingThe Hearing will be conducted by Zoom.

Parties will be conferenced in by Zoom.

The two sides will have the opportunity to present their cases. Starting with a petitioner.Only the three individual Parties (two petitioners and FCDC chair) will be allowed to speak. The Parties may confer with an attorney, but no attorney or others will speak.

Each side has ten minutes to present.

Each side will have five minutes for rebuttal.

The Appeal subcommittee will subsequently meet and make the determinations on the issues based on the petition, answer and other available information that the subcommittee sees fit.

Hearing will be adjourned after the formal session is completed.

The Appeal subcommittee will meet and make the determinations on the issues based on the petition, answer and other available information that we want to use at our discretion.

Appeal committee will write up the decisions and give notice to the parties within one week.