Minutes: April 17, 2017

Members in attendance: 15 (one by phone)
1. Call to order by Chair Haley at 8:06 pm.
Roll call: Jennison
Motion by Sandra: “Let the record reflect that the committee thanks Bridget Murphy for her accomplishments and work on behalf of the Committee.”  2nd by Sue.  Approved by unanimous vote.
Guest speaker: Alex Vuskovic (Donte Tanner campaign) – 7 minutes.
2. Approval of agenda: motion by John.  2nd by Morgan.  Approved by unanimous vote.
3. Secretary’s report by John: January 16 and March 20 minutes presented.  Motion by Penny to accept minutes.  2nd by Rachel with note “March” misspelled as “Mach.”  Approved with correction by unanimous vote.
4. Treasurer’s report by Rachel Rifkind: As of 3/17/17.  Approved by unanimous vote.
5. Chairman’s report by Bob: Handed out draft of committee mission statement.  Committee caucus mission statement – wants to increase representation on Committee
6. Vice Chair Fairfax Report: Janet, no report.
7. Vice Chair Prince William Report: Ernestine.  Clerk of Court election 4/18/2017 – Jackie Smith doing well, held two debates.  Nice drop piece by Connolly.  Robocalls by Connolly/Kaine/Northam.  Upcoming HoD races- primaries in June.  Blue Victory Dinner – 4/30/2017 @ Old Hickory Yacht Club.
8. Fairfax City Report by Kathy: Upcoming 7/4/17 parade.
9. FCDC Report by Sue: HoD races in all three districts: 40; 42 ;67. Primaries in 42 & 67.  Events planned: NoVa Summit (training); Gov debate Lanier MS; Halfway to St. Paddy’s 9/17.  -Changed name to “Jefferson Obama Dinner” – 5/21/2017.  -NoVa Summit – 4/23/2017 11a-6p @ Fairfax HS.
10. Herndon report: none.
11. Caucus report: none.
12. Old business by Bob: Reorganization – 2017 Convention May 13, 2017 Luther Jackson MS.  Call approved March 20, Pre-filing Apr 28, Resolutions Apr 28, membership Applications due May 3

  • Delegate Selection Plan resolved. Chair went over Conveners, Committees and Appointments.  Jurisdictional Conveners: FfxCo – Sue Langley; PWCo – Ernestine Jenkins; Ffx Cty – Penny Rood (discussion).
  • Committees: Rules – Janet Carver & Keith Scarborough; Credentials – Sue Langley & Penny Rood; Resolutions – Sandra Klassen (discussion; Sandra: Resolutions on Immigration, Medicare & others-will be posted for convention).  Appointments: Secretary – John Jennison; Parliamentarian – Tom Greeson; Sgt-at- Arms – Alex Rodriguez; Head Teller – Donna Rostant.  -NOVA Labor Dinner June 2 – Dan Duncan honoree (discussion of table(s) – Bob & Sue will work offline for signups).
  • New business by Bob: Next meeting – tentative May 15, 2017 8pm @ FCDC HQ.

13. Announcements

  • Sandra Requested Jennison speak & consider Resolution about Delegate James Scott.
  • Sandra: Joint Progressive Event 5/2/2017 @ f/k/a Nat'l Rural Cooperative
  • Sandra: Gov. debate
  • Christopher; Running for DPVA Vice Chair Rules

Motion to adjourn by many.  2nd by many.  Unanimous vote.  Meeting adjourned at 9:17 pm.